Reflections on Surat Al-Masad

Welcome to a new interesting episode of Qur`an Interpretation Series with Imam Suhaib Webb. In this episode, Imam Suhaib reflects on Surat Al-Masad (the 111th chapter of the Qur’an). Imam Suhaib begins his talk by mentioning the different names that were given to the Surah.

There is a consensus among scholars that this surah was the sixth surah revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Makkah and it consists of fives verses.

Then he sheds some light on the incident of revelation of the Surah explaining the best ways of calling to Allah the Exalted.

What is the cause of revelation of Surat Al-Masad? What lessons should we learn from the Prophet’s guidance in da`wah? Why does Allah mention the hands of Abu Lahab not any other lamb?

Follow us on this fascinating episode with Imam Suhaib who answers all these questions as he goes deeper in the hidden and metaphorical meanings of the surah…

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