Reflections on Surat Ad-Duha

Here’s another interesting episode of Imam Suhaib Webb’s on Tafseer (interpreting) the Qur`an where he reflects on Surat Ad-Duha (the ninety third chapter of the Qur`an). He begins his talk by mentioning some steps to get benefits of the Qur`an.

Scholars of tafseer differ on the name of the Surah; most of the copies of the Qur`an and Imam At-Tirmidhi say it is called Surat Duha, while others including Imam Al-Bukhari name it as Surat Wad-Duha.

What is the reason for the revelation of Surat Ad-Duha? How scholars differ on the meaning of Duha? Why does this Surah begin with Duha then Layl while the Surah before begins with the Layl then the day?

Learn about all this as Imam Suhaib reflects on its verses and discloses  their deeper meanings and indications…

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