Reflections on Surat Al-Qari`ah

Welcome to a new exciting episode of Qur`an Interpretation series with Imam Suhaib Webb. In this episode, Imam Suhaib reflects on Surat Al-Qari`ah. He begins his talk by mentioning the consensus of scholars on the name of the surah and the place of revelation which is Makkah.

Then he sheds some light on the meaning of Al-Qari`ah and a rational explanation to the Arabic terms. After that he explains the incidents of the Day of Judgment.

How could the Surah start with Al-Qari`ah (Calamity) while it was unknown to people? Why was the word repeated three times at the beginning of the Surah?

Find the answers to these questions as Imam Suhaib explains the metaphorical and hidden meaning of the verses…

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