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Reflections on Surat Luqman (2/3)

Here is another interesting episode of Qur`an Interpretation series with Imam Suhaib Webb who continues his reflections on Surat Luqman (the thirty-first chapter of the Qur`an).

In the first episode, Imam Suhaib introduced the Surah in general and began explaining the precious advices of Prophet Luqman (peace be upon him) to his son.

He begins his talk by mentioning the merits of interpreting the Qur`an and how the interpreter should take the conditions of people and society where he lives into consideration.

What is meant by shirk, and what are its types? What is meant by showing off, and what are its types? How does Islam appreciate the role of parents?

Find the answers to these questions and more as Imam Suhaib goes deeper in the metaphorical and hidden meanings of the verses.

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