Reflections on Surat Luqman (3/3)

Welcome to another interesting episode of Qur`an Interpretation series with Imam Suhaib Webb who continues his deep reflections on Surat Luqman (the thirty-first chapter of the Qur`an).

In the first episode, Imam Suhaib gave a general introduction to the Surah. In the second episode, he began interpreting the precious advices of Prophet Luqman (peace be upon him) to his son.

In this last episode, Imam Suhaib continues his interesting reflections about the advices of Prophet Luqman to his son.

He begins his talk by mentioning the pillars of faith that are summarized in the advice of Luqman to his son.

What is meant by enjoining the good and forbidding the evil? Could tests and trials be a blessing from Allah to His sincere servants?

Click here to find answers to these questions and more as Imam Suhaib goes deeper in the metaphorical and hidden meanings of the verses.

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