Reflections on Surat Ash-Shams (Part 2)

Here Imam Suhaib Webb continues with tafseer (interpreting) Surat Al-Shams (the ninety first chapter of the Qur’an).

In the first episode, he introduced the surah in general, its name, time and place of its revelation, the goals of the surah, etc, before explaining the meanings of its verses.

The episode here opens with a new Muslim saying the Shahadah (Testimony of faith), then the Imam continues explaining and reflecting insightfully on the verses of the surah, particularly from the seventh verse on.

And a soul and Him Who perfected it, and inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it… (Ash-Shams 91:7, 8)

Follow the tafseer lesson here …

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