Elevating the Mention of Prophet Muhammad

The Almighty Allah has granted Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the highest degree of praise. The Prophet’s name is always associated with that of God’s whenever it is pronounced. God has willed that one century should turn after another and generations succeed generations with millions and millions of people in all corners of the world honoring the blessed name of Muhammad with prayers for peace and blessings to be granted him, and with his profound love entrenched in their hearts.

Here, Sheikh Nouman Ali Khan reflects on the following verse from Surat Ash-Sharh to show how the Almighty Allah has exalted His Messenger Muhammad high on earth and in the whole universe.

And raised high for you your repute. (Ash-Sharh 94:4)

Sheikh Nouman goes deep in the meanings of each word of that verse explaining how Allah shows love for Prophet and makes ‘sending blessings on the Prophet’ an act of worship.


Source: Free Quran Channel on Youtube.

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