Correct Your Recitation (68)

Welcome to a new interesting episode of Correct Your Recitation series with Sheikh Muhammad Salah and his guests. First Sheikh Isma`il recites the chapters of At-Tariq, Al-A`la, and Al-Ghashiyah (the eighty sixth, eighty seventh, and eighty eighth chapters of the Qur’an).

Sheikh Salah begins by reflecting on the meanings of Surat At-Tariq. It is a Makki surah that is reflecting the Oneness of Allah and recognizing His greatness through His creatures.

Then, he sheds some light on the oath of Allah by both the sky and the night-comer. Every soul has guards of the angels which mean that you are not alone. You are surrounded by angels all the time and in every place.

In the second part of the episode, Sheikh Salah practices the rules of tajweed through the recitation of his gusts.

Enjoy listening to the beautiful recitation, reflection on the verses and the rules of tajweed…

Source: Huda TV.

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