Correct Your Recitation (63)

Welcome to a new fascinating episode of Correct Your Recitation series with Sheikh Muhammad Salah and his guests. First Sheikh Isma`il recites surat Al-Mutaffifin (the eighty third chapter of the Qur’an) followed by surat Al-Inshiqaq (the eighty fourth chapter of the Qur’an).

Sheikh Salah begins by reflecting on the two chapters as he clarifies the hidden meanings of the verses in an easy and effective way. He goes on interpreting the metaphorical meanings of the Qur’anic terms.

Then he sheds some light on the consequences of those who give short measures then makes a comparison between the rewards of the righteous believers and the punishments of disbelievers on the Day of Judgment.

In the second part of the episode Sheikh Salah reviews a new rule of tajweed (recitation) regarding the three rules of Al-Meem As-Sakinah which are known as Hiding (Al-Ikhfa’), Merging (Al-Idgham) and Clear (Al-Izhar).

Enjoy listening to the beautiful recitation, reflection on the verses and the rules of tajweed…


Source: Huda TV.

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