Correct Your Recitation (72)

Welcome to a new interesting episode of Correct Your Recitation series with Sheikh Muhammad Salah and his guests. In brief, Sheikh Salah reviews the meanings of the first verses of Surat Al-Fajr (the eighty ninth chapter of the Qur’an.

From the sixth verse of the Surah to the end, Sheikh Salah goes on interpreting the metaphorical and hidden meaning of the verses. He begins by mentioning the wisdom behind the stories of the ancient nations such as the people of `Ad and Samud and how Allah punished those nations in this life and erased them from the face of the earth. This is an indication to Allah’s significance power.

After that, he goes on interpreting the verses clarifying the reward of those who are responsible for the orphans financially and spiritually. The Prophet (peace be upon said): “I and those who care for orphans will be in the Garden like this,” and he pointed with his forefinger and middle finger.” (Al-Bukhari)

In the second part of the episode, Sheikh Salah reviews a new rule of tajweed (recitation) which is Al-Madd At-Tabi`i (original lengthening).

Follow us on this episode and learn the perfect recitation, reflections on the verses, and new rules of tajweed…


Source: Huda TV.

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