Correct Your Recitation (69)

Welcome to a new interesting episode of Correct Your Recitation series with Sheikh Muhammad Salah and his guests. First Sheikh Isma`il recites the chapters of Al-A`la and Al-Ghashiyah (the eighty seventh and eighty eighth chapters of the Qur’an).

Sheikh Salah begins his talk by reflecting on the meanings of Surat Al-A`la (the Most High). When we glorify Allah (make tasbeeh), we acknowledge the fact that Allah the Almighty is free from any imperfection.

Then, he sheds some light on one of the perfect actions of Allah which is creation. After that, Sheikh Salah goes on interpreting the hidden and metaphorical meanings of the remaining verses.

In the second part of the episode, Sheikh Salah practices the recitation of Surat Al-A`la with his guests.

Follow us on this exciting episode to learn the perfect recitation, meanings of verses, and rules of tajweed…

Source: Huda TV.

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