Correct Your Recitation (62)

An-Nun As-Sakinah and At-Tanwin: Al-Ikhfa’ (Hiding)

After listening to Sheikh Isma`il reciting the two surahs of At-Takwir (the eighty first chapter of the Qur’an) and Al-Infitar (the eighty second chapter of the Qur’an), Sheikh Muhammad Salah begins reflecting on them, the message they have in common.

From the fifteenth verse of Surat At-Takwir to the nineteenth of Surat Al-Infitar Sheikh Salah goes on interpreting the meaning of the verses, what significance they have, shedding light on the Day of Judgment and what will take place on that day which is the core subject in the surahs.

God says:

But nay! I swear by the stars, that run their course (and) hide themselves, and the night when it departs, and the morning when it brightens… (At-Takwir 81:15-18)

In the second part of the episode Sheikh Salah tackles a new rule of tajweed (recitation) concerning An-Nun As-Sakinah and At-Tanwin, known in Arabic as Al-Ikhfa’  (Hiding).

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