Correct Your Recitation (58)

An-Nun As-Sakinah and At-Tanwin (Clarity)

Here again with Sheikh Muhammad Salah and his guests we continue with the surahs of the thirtieth part of the Qur’an, known as juz’ `Amma.

Particularly from the 34th verse of Surat An-Nazi`at (the seventy ninth chapter of the Qur’an) to the end of Surat `Abasa (the eightieth chapter of the Qur’an) the episode covers.

But when the great disaster comes, The day when man will call to mind his (whole) endeavor, And hell will stand forth visible to him who sees… (An-Nazi`at 79:34-36)

Sheikh Salah then goes on interpreting the words of the verses one by one, standing on the way on how they (the verses) are recited in light of the meanings they stand for.

The second part of the episode tackles the tajweed (recitation) rule of An-Nun As-Sakinah and At-Tanwin (Clarity); when the letter Nun should be recited clearly and when it shouldn’t.


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