Women in the Qur’an: Eve

Here is a new series produced by ‘Muslimah Media’ Channel about brilliant women in Islam who have paved the way for not only female Muslims, but all Muslims after them. The first episode sheds the light on the story of first woman created by Almighty God. Eve in Arabic means Hawwa’ and it comes from the root word hay, meaning living.  Eve is also an English variant of the old Hebrew word Havva, also deriving from hay.  Eve was created from Adam’s rib and both the Christian and Jewish traditions admit this fact.

Zaynab Ansari talks about the two representatives of God on earth Adam and Eve (peace be upon them).  She explains how the Almighty God created Eve from the same nature and soul of Adam. Also, she mentions their story while being in paradise and how the Satan (Shaytan) whispered to them to approach the tree and they felt remorse and repent to God to forgive them.

Enjoy watching this interesting episode of ‘Women in the Qur’an’ series with Zaynab Ansari as she talks about Eve.



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