Women in the Qur’an: Bilqis, Queen of Sheba

Here is a new episode of the interesting series ‘Women in the Qur’an’ that tells the stories of five women who are mentioned in the Qur’an.  In this episode, Ustadhah Zaynab Ansari narrates the story of Queen Bilqis who ruled the Kingdom of Sheba during the time of Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him).

Although her name was not mentioned by name in the Qur’an, we do know her name based on the commentaries as well as other scriptures that tell more about her life. Solomon was very religious and was anxious that most people were lost in worshiping the sun, rather than the One God, the creator. Therefore, he decided to send a message to Bilqis inviting her and her people to worship God:

[Solomon] said, “We will see whether you were truthful or were of the liars. Take this letter of mine and deliver it to them. Then leave them and see what they will return….(An-Naml 27:26-37)

Enjoy watching this interesting episode of ‘Women in the Qur’an’ series with Ustadhah Zaynab Ansari as she talks about Bilqis, Queen of Sheba.


Source: Muslimah Media Channel on Youtube.

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