The Qur’an: the Book of Timeless Guidance

Not only a spiritual rest from daily life, a shelter from worry, pain, and grief, the Qur’an also is your personal counselor who would direct and advise you about whatever you want to know. And it’s not an abstract theology. Rather, it is the fact; the Book of God, the Qur’an is the counsel from God (Exalted be He).

We all have problems. We need advice. We need somebody to talk with. At that critical time we think of all the people we know, but not of God!

In fact Allah is the counselor of the believer. After hours of engaging in life activities and having problems and difficulties, a believer is called back to seek counsel from his Lord. They ask Him for guidance and recite something from His book.

With brother Nouman Ali Khan, Learn more about this power of the Qur’an and how to productively utilize it in your daily life; how to go back for Allah getting guidance directly from Him.

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