Reflections on Surat Al-`Adiyat (1/2)

In this talk, Sheikh Nouman Khan reflects on the Surat Al-`Adiyat, the 100th chapter of the Qur’an revealed in Makkah. The surah talks about the evil side of the man when he rejects the hereafter.

Sheikh Nouman begins his talk by reciting the whole surah in a beautiful way. Then, he talks about the message of the Qur’an which is very simple and logic and how Almighty Allah conveys the revelation to humanity in a very powerful way. After that, Sheikh Nouman illustrates the bad attitudes of human beings that are mentioned in the Surah.

Enjoy watching this video with Sheikh Nouman as he reflects on Surat Al-`Adiyat.


Source: NAK Collection Youtube Channel.        

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