Jewels of the Qur’an (1/4)

Welcome to this interesting lecture delivered by Yasmin Mogahedin which she talks about some inspirational stories from the Qur’an. and it will be divided into four parts.

In the this part, she begins with the story of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) when the Almighty Allah has chosen him to be a successive authority upon the earth. As we know that we as humans have a choice, this gives us a potential to be even better than the angles as they do not have this choice to worship Allah.

On the other hand, we also have the choice to be lower than the animals as if the humans use their life and time on this earth to just eat and drink. Then, Yasmin goes on narrating the story of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and his wife Eve with Satan in paradise. This story is a warning to us to not let arrogance takes over us.

Enjoy watching this interesting talk with Yasmin Mogahed to know more jewels of the Qur’an.


Source: TV Sunnah Channel on Youtube.

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