Beauty of Surat Al-Falaq

In this short talk, Sheikh Nouman reflects on Surat Al-Falaq (the 113th Chapter of the Qur’an which was revealed in Makkah) to give us some inspirational lessons.

He begins his talk by narrating that Sheikh Ahmad Othmani (on his commentary on Surat Al-Falaq) gave a parable explanation to the Surah when he says that it is like if Allah wants us to think of ourselves like the plant that the gardener takes care of. The plant has to be protected from the animals such as goats or whatever it be that might graze on it. That goat is not the enemy of the farmer rather it is its nature to eat plants. This is part of the manifestation of Allah’s saying,

From the evil of that which He created. (Al-Falaq 113:2)

There are a lot of things that Allah has created may cause damage not because they are evil but because its nature is like sharps or lions.

Enjoy watching this talk with Sheikh Nouman Khan as he sheds some light on the beauty of Surat Al-Falaq.


Source: NAK Collection on Youtube. 

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