Worshiper or Slave of Allah?

In this short talk, Sheikh Nouman reflects on a verse from Surat Al-Kafirun (the 109th Chapter of the Qur’an) which was revealed in Makkah when the Prophet and new Muslims were harassed by the pagans. He talks about the meaning of the word ‘`Ibadah’ that is mentioned in the Surah. Almighty Allah says on the tongue of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

Say, “O disbelievers. I do not worship what you worship. (Al-Kafirun 109: 1-2)

Sheikh Nouman begins his talk by saying that the word ‘`Ibadah’ includes two things that completely cover all aspects of ‘`Ibadah’. They are worship and slavery. The believer is always on state of slavery even if he does not make an act of worship. Worship is a specific act like praying, fasting, giving charity, making Hajj, reciting the Qur’an and so on, but a slave is a SLAVE all the time.

Enjoy watching this talk with Sheikh Nouman Khan to know whether one is a worshiper or slave of Allah.


Source: NAKcollection Channel on Youtube

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