Teach the Qur’an with Love

Welcome to this fascinating talk about teaching the Qur’an with love even to those who hate it that was held in Malaysia with Sheikh Nouman Khan who reflects with deep thought to extract the precious lessons from Surat Ar-Rahman (the 55th chapter of the Qur’an which was revealed in Makkah and it is about the great blessings of Allah).

Sheikh Nouman begins his talk by providing the audience with an obvious example that a person will be so proud if he/she is honored with Ijazah in tajweed (rules of Qur’anic recitation) from a prominent Sheikh. In the same manner, when Allah says:

Taught the Qur’an. (Ar-Rahman 55:2)

So, what is your feeling when you realize that the Almighty Allah is your teacher? He did not restrict the invitation to specific people to learn the Qur’an. The door is open for all people to begin and learn it regardless of their age.

Then Sheikh Nouman advises us to be gentle when someone asks us to teach them the Qur’an as many people may have high rank professions in the community and ask you to teach them how to recite and memorize the Qur’an, so do not scold them.

Enjoy watching this interesting talk with Sheikh Nouman Khan.


Source: TV Sunnah on Youtube.      

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