Stories in the Qur’an

Surat Hud (the 11th chapter of the Qur’an) is a very unique Chapter as it mentions many of the nations that came before the Muslim nation and the different Prophets who came before the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Surah also mentions the punishment of Allah to those nations that did not accept the messages of their prophets.

The Almighty Allah says,

And each [story] We relate to you from the news of the messengers is that by which We make firm your heart. And there has come to you, in this, the truth and an instruction and a reminder for the believers. (Hud 11:120)

Here, Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda reflects on the above verse and sheds light on of the stories of the earlier nations that Allah (Glory be to Him) has mentioned. He begins his talk by explaining the cause of revelation of Surat Hud and why it was revealed in Makkah.

Then, he talks about the real purpose of mentioning the stories of the earlier nations. He states that these stories are not for entertainment purposes, but to realize the purpose of this life and how to avoid the way of the disbelievers.

Enjoy watching this interesting talk with Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda to know more about the purpose of the stories mentioned in the Qur’an.


Source: Daily on MuslimMatters channel on youtube.

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