The People of the Elephant

In this short talk, Sheikh Nouman Khan reflects on the following verse from Surat Al-Fil (the 105th chapter of the Qur’an which was revealed in Makkah and it talks about the absolute power of the Almighty Allah) to show how the Almighty Allah destroyed the army of Abrahah by sending just some flocks of birds.

The Almighty Allah says:

And He sent against them birds in flocks. (Al-Fil 105:3)

Sheikh Nouman sheds some light on this decisive event on the history of the Arabian peninsula. `Abd Al-Muttalib, the Prophet’s grandfather, narrated that he had seen strange birds that he did not see before, coming from the direction of Yemen. Each single bird had a pebble in its beak and another one in each of his claws.

Abu `Ubaid said that the word ‘ababeel’ means that they were multiple groups of different species.

Then, he explains the different types of Allah’s soldiers which some of them are mentioned in the Qur’an. After that, he illustrates the infinite power of Allah as those small pebbles were like bullets in penetrating the target. It was like guided missiles from Allah as those pebbles would enter the skulls of the people of Abrahah.

Enjoy watching this talk with Sheikh Nouman Khan to realize how the Almighty Allah has defended his Sacred House.

Source: NAKcollection Channel on Youtube

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