Nobility of the Qur’an

Sheikh Nouman Khan reflects on the last two verses of Surat Al-Buruj (the 85th Chapter of the Glorious Qur’an that narrates the story of ‘the Companies of the Trench’) explaining how the Book of Allah has been honored and glorified. Almighty Allah says:

But this is an Honored Qur’an. In the Tablet that is protected. (Al-Buruj 85:21-22)

The Surah sheds some light on the pagans of Makkah who rejected the message of the Qur’an not because there was something wrong with the message, but they were immersed in denial. The Qur’an mentions that their lie against it won’t take it away from its nobility.

Then, Sheikh Nouman refers to the status of the Qur’an, its glorification and being the last message to mankind.

Enjoy watching this interesting talk about the nobility of the Qur’an with Sheikh Nouman Khan.


Source: Free Qur’an Education Channel on Youtube.

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